About Us

Welcome to the "new" us

Style by Asia has always been known for its great content. We have been sharing stories about new, up-and-coming designers, fabulous brands and hidden gems not already known to the big masses.

For this new (and improved version, we think) of us, we have slightly refocused.

We came across so many great designers, makers and crafters on our journeys that we decided to try to help them to also sell their products - not only write about them.

At the same time, our planet is struggling (to say the least). Therefore we have decided to make it our mission to try to help people live with a slightly smaller footprint and to support local makers and creatives while doing so. We will be sharing tips on how to live more green as well as share the stories of the creatives making the products we sell.

We are all about the natural, organic, hand made, small batch, upcycled / recycled & fair trade products. Tried and tested for you. And great content to go along with it.

We vouch for all of it.


All feedback appreciated - in fact we would love to hear from you!




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