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21 GRAMS – Hong Kong based company specialised in making natural deodorants.

The company is dedicated to creating all-natural deodorants, and they work with the motto "Do One Thing & Do It Well". 

Diligently formulated and made in Hong Kong with organic and food-grade ingredients, the deodorant cream contains no additives, parabens, Aluminium salt, silicon (or any other toxic junk like that), but still effectively neutralises body odour and absorbs wetness all day long. 

Out of despair, helping a good friend who could not find any natural deodorants that worked, the two co-founders started to make their own deodorant. The goal was to create an all-natural product that REALLY works but is free of chemicals and toxins. It took them over a year to fix the right formula and pick the best ingredients (one founders years at Cambridge University as a chemist and the others hard work on studying essential oils finally paid off). They say:
"I will never forget the radiant smile of my dear friend on her first odor-free day."
Since then the deo cream has become a loving gift for friends and families, and all the positive feedback over the years have encouraged them to find a way to share this gem with others in need - it is just too good to be kept only to themselves!  


ALLUVIA – Handmade UTZ certified chocolate from Vietnam.

All cocoa & chocolate products of this brand come from a small village in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, called Cho Gao, Tien Giang.

The chocolate is hand crafted and the cacoa harvested by very hard-working farmers, continuously innovative and creative while working in their land.

The company mission is to promote their cacao and chocolate of original natural quality, with unique and deep passionate flavour from their region, with sustainable development & professional services.


COCONUT TREE – hair and skin products made in Australia from Fair Trade sourced coconut oil from the Salomon Islands.

Coconut Tree Skinfood + Hairfood is a blend of pure, certified organic, ethically sourced oil enriched with botanical extracts, natural oils, butters, vitamins and antioxidants, all selected for their deeply nourishing, restorative and protective qualities. All products are packed with natural goodness, free from toxic ingredients. This range of products have been inspired by the natural powers of coconut oil to promote healthy, radiant skin and hair. Coconut oil is naturally bursting with essential fatty acids, nutrients and antioxidants, which absorb rapidly to moisturise, nourish and protect skin and hair and give a healthy glow.

The organic coconut oil has been sourced from a Fair Trade venture in the Solomon Islands, that provides rural people in the South Pacific communities with meaningful employment, a regular income, and better living standards.

The pure, certified organic coconut oil in all products has been cold pressed from mature fresh coconuts harvested in the South Pacific. It is untouched by heat or chemical treatment before, during or after pressing, leaving all nutrients intact to nourish skin and hair. 


ESSANO - Body care made in New Zealand from natural and organic ingredients. 

Care for your skin and indulge your senses - these shower gels and body lotions are a joy for both mind and body! 

Made in New Zealand, the product contains:

ESSANO's whole manufacturing process is controlled, with product packaging and outer packaging being either biodegradable or recyclable. Additionally, their entire factory and corporate office has strong recycling policies in place, in keeping with their sustainable business practices.

None of their products are tested on animals, just some lucky, lovely ladies!


PANBOO - Panboo specialises in producing 100% bamboo products.

The anti-bacterial, fast-drying and super soft qualities of the fiber makes bamboo a superior choice over cotton, whether it is used for towels, bed linen or kids products.

The brand also produces consumables like toothbrushes, straws etc made of the natural, fast-growing grass - helping you to cut out plastic from your home!

All products are made from 100% bamboo fiber.


PAPER-ROSES - Illustrations by a Hong Kong based creative, these paper products such as gift wraps, birthday and thank you cards and tags are printed on recycled paper.


SERENITY – Made with 100% natural soy wax, these candles and wax melts are hand poured with love in New Zealand. The brand also hand makes reed diffusers.


SOAPURE – Handmade, natural children’s soaps from New Zealand. Each soap comes with a small, collectable sea creature. Perfect to make bath time fun and at the same time to help educate your child about the sea!

Each Sea Bubble includes a soap with a Sea Creature inside which can be kept and collected after the soap has been used up. Each soap also comes with a collectors card of one of the Sea Creatures (not necessarily the one in the box) explaining about the animal and how it lives. This creates the perfect opportunity to speak to your child about the ocean and its creatures, and how and why we need to protect it.



SUPERBEE – SuperBee Wax Wraps offer an eco friendly alternative to plastic. A replacement for plastic wrap and plastic containers, the wraps can be used as plastic-free food storage for leftovers and snacks. 

These Wax Wraps are made in Thailand from 100% cotton, OTOP-certified pure beeswax, organic coconut oil, tree resin and love. Beeswax is a natural antibacterial agent, while the coconut oil and tree resin make the wraps sticky so they shape to your food.

Reuse over and over again, the wax wraps last for up to a year. 

Handmade from:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Beeswax
  • Tree Resin
  • Organic Coconut Oil

In addition to the great brands above, we also sell several no-brand, but meticulously sourced products, such as handmade paper Christmas Cards and hand woven, hand dyed 100% silk scarves from Vietnam.

Despite not having a brand, we can assure you that all these products are of good quality. Moreover, they are made by real people, and buying these products helps them improve their lives.


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